Visius is a brand new two man Neurofunk act from out of the UK and it should say something that their first mention of any kind at all is on Close2Death. For their first release, a five tracker called “Bernyium EP” goes as hard as possible, not allowing any room for anything minimal. The thrashing head start of the release is preluded by a melodic and vocal intro in “Berynium”. Immediately afterwards, the gothic and synthy beginning to “Delusions” sends pleasurable chills down your spine before kicking you in the teeth in the best way possible. It becomes apparent here that Visius are very good with “muddy” or “slushy” bass sounds that only the scene’s best seemed to have mastered. “Innervisions” will once again provide a peek at what these two can so cleverly do with pads and melodies, followed by a MachineCode-esque drop that attracts the attention of anyone nearby whether they like it or not. “Morephin” is another dance floor slaughter-fest sounding not unlike previous Visius business but wildly important in it’s own ways. What a track. Sadly the release comes to a conclusion at “Stage Line”. This one sounds like there is electricity flowing through it – high end static sounds stimulate the eardrums while the subs and drums do what they have done best for decades. Do yourself a favour and keep your eyes peeled for future Visius.


WORLDWIDE: 8.8.2016


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