Two Russian neurofunk super-stars that are already known for huge releases on Close2Death are apparently ready again to dish out some very fresh, magma hot and clean drum & bass music. Warp Fa2e, a newcomer who has a couple of really large EPs and even a full length LP out already, has teamed up with Subminderz – another newcomer that is showing just as much promise these days. “Enzyme” is surely going to be in mouths near the end of the year when the time to reflect comes. This four-tracker is merciless – a LRAD that has four different settings, hand crafted in the far east by two young men with a keen ear for feeding the ears of bass heads all over the planet. A fair warning though, do not expect anything less than extremely tough and dark neurofunk on this release. If you are searching for something even somewhat more energetic than minimal, than this might be too much for you. Spotlight tracks from this EP are “Pain”, with it’s laser-beam sounding mid bassline and snares that puncture diamond, and “Scarecrow”, a fear inducing product of extremely meticulous musical production and knowledge of groove. Simply put, this is neurofunk done right.


RELEASE DATE: 29.2.2016


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