While DnB is starting to find itself full of controversy at the moment, with neuro-heads upset at the direction prominent neurofunk artists are taking their work, at least one brilliant French duo is able to provide the unsatisfied with a phenomenal double-sided neurofunk single on Close2Death Recordings that is without a doubt created for those listeners with a knack for hardness, loudness and chaos. On the first side, Future Primitive boasts “Syndrom”, a pleasant progressive techstep piece of immense weight driven by epic arpeggiated synths, traditional real instrument sounds and gorgeously processed percussion. On the flip, “Two Face”, and equally brilliant thrasher that laughs at the softer neurofunk out there. No traditional amens here, this one is full of ruthless and punchy breaks and after the intro and the initial impact of the drop, you find out that you are listening to a progressive reece bloodbath reminiscent of some of the most influential badman tunes from the golden age of a “complex mid bassline” era that was built from the ground by names like Noisia and Spor. Definitely being one to grab as soon as possible, this release will be available for purchase worldwide as of February the 15th, 2016.




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