Dizkret from Hungary has kindly provided Close2Death with four carefully crafted sentient beings with this four-tracker, probably taking the physical form of Lysergic acid fractals and impossible depth-depthying geometry. You know, “Don’t dizkret-it your boy”, making waves in the hard Drum & Bass community already with genuine face melters on Disturbed, Genome, Histeria and Suspect Device – it should come as no surprise that this one might get the dance floor in a dangerous mood. This is full-moon music, from Hungary to the UK to the thankful masses. “FRCTR” is at it with a smart groove and dark tones. “Supernova” is most definitely making Jon Gooch very proud. “Tearz” is pretty different but in the most perfect sense. “The Next World” is a sweaty effort that worked out perfectly – stimulating the ear drums all day long with the typical Dizkret vocal treatment, crunchy synths that crumble then dance amok the stereo space over a great groove I can personally guarantee won’t disappoint even the newcomer raver. Be careful with the tendency for music this progressive to induce an ego death. Listen with caution and comfort, and enjoy just another brilliant artifact the world of digital music production has provided us with.

WORLDWIDE: 4.7.2016


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